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Saturday, 18 February 2017

2017 – Two fine meals: La Route du Sel (Le Thoureil) + Vincent le Cuisinier (Ingrandes de Touraine)

 The Zéro version of Bouvet's Cuvée Tresor 
– blend of Chenin and Chardonnay: very good the Zéro dosage works well 
Made a good apéro

This is a post celebrating two excellent lunches: the first on Friday 10th February at La Route du Sel (Le Thoureil) and then on Tuesday 14th at Vincent le Cuisinier (Ingrandes de Touraine).   

La Route du Sel (Le Thoureil)
We had lunch with Juliette and Patrice Monmousseau of Bouvet Ladubay. Juliette's sister Marie is the owner and chef here.  

 Crab salad 
 One of the day's specials – langoustine à la plancha – delicious!



Two small taster puddings – 
chocolate above and cherry below

2014 Turonien, Alexandre Monmousseau, Vouvray
from Juliette's and Marie's cousin 
enjoyed with the crab and langoustine

Bouvet Trésor Rosé 
served with the dessert but really 
much better on its own 

Vincent le Cuisinier

Mise en bouche 
Very good wine list both of Loires and wines outside the fabled valley
2009 Chablis Premier Cru, Vaillons, Dauvissat – just lovely 

Vincent's version of ouef en meurette

The chef's paté
Tête et langue de veau

Generous cheeseboard for two

Olivia's dessert

Friday, 17 February 2017

Anjou Untamed – The face behind the wine

The late and great Charly Foucault 
on the over of Anjou Untamed

This is a new version of Vignerons d'Anjou – a book of fine photos by Jean-Yves Bardin of vignerons. The text is in English written by Etienne Rigourd and Bernard Reeves.

The photos of producers are dramatic often taken at a fairly wide angle. The one of Charly Foucault on the book's cover is typically excellent as the one of his son, Antoine, and the sombre and brooding photo of Olivier Cousin.
Anjou, as it includes Saumur, is used in its widest sense. The producers featured work at least organically with a number farming biodynamically. Many fit under the term 'natural' wine. Many featured have just a handful of hectares of vines

All the vignerons profiled each get a double page spread with a full page photo on the left page then two smaller photos on the right page along with a brief text. 

While the texts are competent it is really Jean-Yves excellent and often dramatic photos that grab your attention 

It may prove to be ironic that entry for Charly and Nady Foucault – Domaine Foucault – ends: 'The spirit of the <Frères Foucault> will always be there at the Clos Rougeard....

Sadly this may well not be the case. Following Charly's death in late December 2015 – why do so many organic wine producers smoke? – it looks very likely that the Foucault's Clos Rougeard will be sold to a wealthy outsider. Apparently Anotoine Foucault, who spend much of 2016 looking after the estate, made an offer but it was regrettably rejected.    

Anjou Untamed is certainly recommended for the quality of the photos and the interesting selection of vignerons.   

Anjou Untamed – Jean-Yves Bardin 25€.   


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Mémoire d'Epeigné – samedi le 25 février

Les Amis des Patrimoines d'Épeigné-les-Bois

Images et paroles d'anciens de la commune Salle des Fêtes – le samedi le 25 février 2017 à 19h

Projection et dîner – 10€
(apéro, bourgignon, desset et vin)

Réservations :

Tel:  –

Sadly we will not be here for this as it promises to be a very interesting evening. 
We have our own memory coming up as on 22nd February it will be 30 years since we first visited our house in Epeigné-les-Bois on Sunday 22nd February 1987. This was the start of 30 years of happy memories in Epeigné and the Loire.